La Flèche and Friedberg

Arranging a Host for You

If you wish to travel to a twin town its twinning committee will find hosts to match as closely as possible your needs and preferences.  This matching will be based on how many of you are to be accommodated together and also on what else you have told us, for example:

  • The preferred age range of the host family
  • Whether you'd prefer them to have children (and if so their age range)
  • Whether they need to be able to speak English
  • Whether you mind if they smoke
  • Any special mobility or dietary needs you have

How Much Will It Cost?

You will pay for return travel to the twin town.  Typically there is a group travelling together and if you travel with the group you will share the cost of group transport.  You may travel independently in which case you will make and pay for your own travel arrangements.

In general the costs of excursions, visits and meals organised by our twin town hosts are covered by the organisers.  During the visit you will only need money for discretionary spending of your own.